1. Sarasota FL beach life.Sarasota FL beach life.Sarasota FL beach life.Sarasota FL beach life.

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  2. We discussed Dropbox, “Silicon Valley” the HBO show, and weird Dutch surnames.

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  4. Another cup of tea [Spiced Mandarin Oolong] #oolong #tea #thee (Image created with #Snapseed)

  5. A hint of…

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    “The second type is the interview show like our friend Ibarionex Perello’s ‘The Candid Frame’. That show is great, but it only gives us an hour with any particular guest. Not enough time to really dig deep.”

    I actually think The Candid Frame is pretty deep. Quantity/quality aren’t equals.

  8. Those hips aren’t made for…

  11. I’ll be using this #copygram later this week and deciding if I delete my Instagram account. On my own facebook page I only have links to most of the images I care about. That sadly isn’t possible here. I just don’t trust Facebook with my images #facebook is #evil. I guess Flickr will be seeing me again. Perhaps 500px as well. #flickr #ftw #500px #ftw

  12. A Clockwork Orange another great. #Kubrick #aclockworkorange #clockworkorange

  13. Movie still holds up. #2001 #Kubrick #genius

  15. Watching Groundhog Day #groundhogday (Still awesome movie, it still holds up)